Picking Back Up Again

I have been away from my blog for too long, and I have thought about this post over and over again.  I had a hard time bringing myself to write it though.  Maybe, deep down, it is because I know that I have experienced one of those pesky setbacks and it has been difficult for me to get back on track again.

Before I go into what my setback was and all of that jazz, I found a picture that really inspired be and caused me to think.


I found this picture on pinterest; however, the original source is this blog.  The person who runs this blog has several of these pictures that I love.  However, this is the first that has really made me stop and think, and the first that has really resonated with me.  I think because “hurting” is what causes my setbacks.  So, onto the good stuff….

I think what really triggers my setbacks is when things at work are chaotic.  To give you guys a brief history, we have experienced several staffing issues causing several staff members to leave (some by choice, some not) throughout the past year.  Transition times are always stressful for us and our clients.  On top of this, some staff members do not have the best attitudes and choose to complain about expectations management sets for us.  The first week of March or so (when my setback began) my supervisor, whom I love very dearly, was sick and left me in charge of some important tasks that needed to be done.  Not only was I stressed out, I was dealing with some negativity from the staff.  On top of this, we found out one of our staff members was leaving and another staff member is not meeting expectations.  Also, one of our interns interfered in a situation which put his internship at jeopardy.  When my supervisor came back we had a “sit down” that upset some staff members.  All of this “upsetness” at the agency causes me to worry about several things, and it brings back old feelings about previous situations toward the beginning of my first professional year.   This “upsetness” is what triggers all of my old habits, such as eating at fast food restaurants, not exercising, sleeping all of the time….which leads to weight gain.

Then, I left to go on a cruise.  While this gave me a chance to relax and de-stress, it was also difficult to get into a exercise pattern.  I attempted to go to the gym.  The first day, I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical and I felt dizzy the entire time.  We were on some rough waters, and I had a really hard time in the gym.  The second day, I tried a yoga class and could not balance to save my life.  I felt like I was all over the place and did not get a good workout.  Also, it was $12 for a 30 minute class, which I think is just insanity.  While I could have done more to get physical activity in, such as take the stairs instead of the elevator, I chose to just let things be.  I feel like I ate a little bit better while on the cruise.  For example, I would choose lots of melons at breakfast, made sure to skip the pasta at dinner, and order an extra serving of vegetables.

I have not weighed myself to know exactly how much weight I’ve gained.  This weekend I planned my weekly menu full of healthy recipes.  I need to plan my exercises out again on my calendar.  On the bright side, I only missed three days of working out in February.  In February, I did two weeks of phase 3 of Body Revolution.  However, I still struggle with this phase, so I need to do the first part for at least another couple of weeks then move on to finish the program!!  I also bought Jillian’s Slim for Life book yesterday.  If you have been following my blog, you’ll know I have been reading this.  However, it is really difficult for me to read it on my nook as I want to write in it and flip back and forth.  Also, I bought tickets to see Jillian in Chicago in May.  Sadly, I could not afford VIP tickets (as I would LOVE to meet her); however, I am SUPER excited to see her on tour.

I look forward to posting more on my blog in the future as when I post, I am on top of my game and it does hold me accountable.  Until next time…