Chicken, Cheeseburger, Tacos, and Enchiladas

This week was an eclectic mix of food.  From Asian to Mexican – they are some of my favorite flavors.  I make them quite often (as I am sure you will learn quickly).  Here is my menu and commentary…

Coconut Chicken with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette 


This is really yummy!!  I serve it on spinach, which is different than the recipe.  Sometimes I add a little bit of shredded cheese.  While the chicken is great, the dressing is what makes this amazing!!  The calories include two tenderloins and two tablespoons of dressing.  I have used this for lunch throughout the week, and it does not disappoint.

Cal: 293     Carbs: 20     Fat: 10     Protein: 27     Sodium: 468     Sugar: 12

Asian Glazed Drumsticks 


Oh. My. Goodness.  These were amazing.  I have to admit, I love Asian flavors, and these drumsticks did not disappoint.  They were SOOOO GOOD!!  I even put some of the sauce on our green beans.  I did leave the skin on the drumsticks, and my package had 6 drums instead of 8 (like in the recipe).  So, the calories is listed per drumstick.  I also calculated my drumsticks by weight (instead of by number), so I know my calories are accurate.  Bottom line, you have to try these!!   They are worth the calories.

Cal: 229     Carbs: 5     Fat: 9    Protein: 29    Sodium: 638     Sugar: 5

Cheeseburger Casserole

Here are the changes I made to the recipe.  First, I set my serving size for 6.  I thought 9 was too small.  I try to set it for something I know is going to be realistic for me.   Second, I used 100% whole wheat rigatoni pasta instead of rotini.  This is only because I couldn’t find the rotini in a whole wheat version.

Cal: 376     Carbs: 26     Fat: 15    Protein: 30    Sodium: 466     Sugar: 7

Pork Tacos with Cilantro Lime Salsa

Here are the changes I made:  First, I used whole wheat tortillas.  Second, I used broccoli slaw instead of the slaw mix, only because this is what I have on hand.  The calories are calculated per taco: shell, pork, and salsa are included.

Cal: 248     Carbs: 23     Fat: 9    Protein: 19    Sodium: 492     Sugar: 2




Foodie Friday: Sweet Potatoes and Buffalo Turkey Burgers

Okay, so the goal is to post pictures and such of my meals each week.  I have gotten really good at planning out my meals weekly, cooking (most) everything on Sunday, and finishing things off the night of.  The last week or two, I have had some issues with my eating – issues in that I eat too much, so I’m hoping this night hold me more accountable.  Obviously, my pictures are going to be a week late.  All of my calorie information I get from My Fitness Pal.  I plug in each recipe with the exact ingredients I use.  This way, my calories are more accurate.

Honey Lime Quinoa Sweet Potatoes


 These were AMAZING!  Even my better half, who can be kind of picky – especially about new, “weird” things, liked them.  They, surprisingly, were not very filling.  We each ate two, which equals one whole sweet potato.  Luckily, these don’t have many calories, so it is okay to enjoy two.

Cal: 150   Carbs: 31     Fat: 1     Protein: 4     Sodium: 249     Sugar: 12

Buffalo Turkey Burgers with Blue Cheese Broccoli Slaw


These were okay.  It wasn’t quite the buffalo taste I was looking for.  It was more of an oddly tasting turkey.  However, the bleu cheese dressing is really yummy.  I enjoyed the slaw on top.  I was really disappointed, because I usually love skinnytaste recipes.  This one just didn’t do it for me though.  However, I will return to the bleu cheese dressing when the occasions arises.  When I calculated my calories, I did the patty and the bleu cheese separate.  Also, my patty does not include the cheese, even though I put cheese on it.  I figured I would give myself more options this way

Cal: 197     Carbs: 7     Fat: 9     Protein: 22     Sodium: 190     Sugar: 1


Workout Wednesday: P90X3

So, I started P90X3 this past week, and I have to say…I really like it.  I thought I would give my review of the DVDs I have done.  Apparently there are three versions of P90X3: Classic, Lean, and Doubles.  We are doing the classic plan.  Lean is recommended for someone with a lot of weight to lose (so I could do it and be okay) and doubles is to do only when you have done a round of P90X3.

So, the P90X3 schedule is divided into three blocks (1 block for each month).  So, here are my DVD reviews for the first block…

Total Synergists 

This workout is kind of a mix of everything…balance, strength, and cardio.  I got a pretty good work out, and I felt some of it afterward.  Some of the moves were tricky, but I know I will get them in time.  The pace was really quick.  It doesn’t even feel like 30 minutes.  I know in T25 I struggled through the first 5 minutes.  In P90X, this isn’t the case.

Agility X

Holy moly, I am not agile!!  For this workout, Tony has you put two strips of tape on the floor, three feet apart.  The top, bottom, and middle are marked with “x’s”  Then, you spend the entire workout moving around the tape.  At some points I had a hard time keeping up.  Needless to say, this workout is not my most graceful moments.  It’s a pretty awesome workout!!

X3 Yoga

Um, get your zen on in this one.  Except, for some of the moves you have to be a contortionist.  I definitely had to modify some of the moves here, but I really love yoga.  My muscles also appreciates being able to stretch and relax during this intense workout program.

The Challenge

For this workout you pick two numbers: the first number is the amount of pull ups you are going to do, and the second number is how many push ups you are going to do.  Then you literally do different variations of pull ups and push ups throughout the workout.  I don’t have a pull up bar, so I use weights and follow the modifier.  I discovered muscles in my chest I didn’t know I had.


Three words: cardio with weights.  This is a pretty difficult routine; however, I definitely burned more calories doing T25 (which is a theme of this program), but I feel like I got a better workout with this program.  I like the weight, even though I feel like I’m gonna die by the end.

The Warrior

This is an INTENSE cardio workout (again, I didn’t burn as many calories as I expected though).  It’s a program he apparently designed this workout while on a tour of military bases.  It involves upper body, interval, core, lower body rotations.  It’s awesome.  I thought I should have burned more calories than I did though.  Oh well….


This is the recovery day workout.  You can also choose to rest this day.  The routine focuses on activating and elongating the muscles.  It gets you moving, but it is not challenging nor will it leave you out of breath.  It is just a wonderful, relaxing end of the week that gets you ready to jump into the next.


Book Review: Paper Towns


This is the second book I have read by John Green.  I purchased it because I loved The Fault in our Stars and wanted to read more.  I have to say, I enjoyed this book but not as much as I love TFIOS.  This book was about Quentin and Margo, their one adventure together, and her disappearance.  Essentially, Quentin has always loved Margo from afar, they go on a big adventure together, and the next day Margo is gone.  Quentin takes his newfound spirit from Margo and goes to find her.

At the core, I believe this is a book about finding yourself.  Throughout the book, everyone is talking about who Margo really is and why she left.  Quentin is trying to figure out who he is, because he does not want to be this wallflower anymore.  The journey that Quentin and Margo take (albeit not together) is a quest to find themselves and challenge their belief of themselves.

Like in TFIOS, there are many references to the main message of this story, and there are too many to name in this review.  In the book, Quentin is saying goodbye to many things.  Literally, high school, Margo, his parents.  Figuratively, himself, his idea of Margo.  It’s a struggle to find out who he really is, deep down inside.

There are many unrealistic things in this book, like he tells his parents he is driving across the US and just hops in a car and leaves with minimal protest from his parents.  I’m pretty sure if I had done this, my parents would have called the police.

All in all, this is a good book.  It was a fun read and definitely kept my interest.  It’s not my favorite book nor is it my favorite by him, but it is worth the read.


STATurday (on Sunday again)

Good Morning!!

Well, I really need to get better at posting.  I did my measurements yesterday and just forgot to post them.  Not so muchforgot as didn’t.  I’m not super happy with my results, but I’m not shocked because I haven’tbeen eating well.  

Weight:254.1 lbs

Bust: 43 inches

Waist: 43 inches

Hips: 50 inches

Thigh: 26.5 inches

Arm: 14.5 inches

I also started P90X3 this week.  I have a friend who was starting it, and I have always been interested in P90X; however, I never had the time (or the finances) to do it.  I have to say, I really like it.  I am a big fan of Tony Horton; he definitely makes the workout fun.

My goal this week is to clean up my eating.  I have made a meal plan for the week, and have cooked most of it already.  Hopefully it pays off on the scale.  I think I have set myself up for success, now it is just sticking with it.