Sirracha Honey Chicken Wings

Sirracha Chicken Wings

I am a sucker for crockpot meals.  I’m also a sucker for chicken wings, which is what made this recipe so delicious.

The picture that is used on the blog post shows a nice crunchy chicken wing with a thick, juicy sauce that makes your mouth water just by looking at it.  However, that’s not what I got.  I got a runny sauce with a possibly slightly overcooked chicken wing with the meat just falling off of the bone.  That’s not to say they weren’t good, they just didn’t look like the picture.

I think the sauce was runny because the chicken wings went in frozen.  So, when they defrosted, all of that water went into the sauce.  When I make them over, I’m going to defrost them before they go into the crackpot.  Also, I’m going to decrease the cooking time.  I think they just cooked way too long.  They were good the first time, but I was afraid to reheat them as I didn’t want them to dry out.

I took the heat down a little as my better half is a weenie and is not big on spicy food; however, I definitely could have made this hotter if I wanted to.  While I think I would have this again, I would have to use a few adjustments.  I also think the honey/Sirracha would make a good combination for a sauce for a stir fry.


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