New Year Resolution 2015

Happy New Year!!

I’m hoping that 2015 is going to be my most balanced year yet.  I find that I am focusing a lot on work and doing virtually nothing for myself or my family.  So, I am hoping to gain more balance and be more productive in my life.  I know people who don’t like “new year’s resolutions,” but I always like to take the time at the new year to reflect on where I am and where I want to go.  The reality of this past year is that I am actually no further this year, with the exception of my promotion, than I was last year.  I am trying to structure my life to help me get where I want to go.

This mostly starts with my wellness.  I need to do a better job of meal planning, meal prepping, and exercising.  I know what I need to do, I just don’t do it.  Therefore, I have a calendar and I am going to schedule time to do these activities.  Hopefully this will hold me more accountable.  Also, I need to find motivation.  I feel like I have been in a “funk” recently, and I know doing all of these things (eating right, exercising, and making time for me) will help… I just need to do it.

When I meal plan, I usually make healthy things; it is a matter of doing it consistently.  Meal prepping is also something that I just need to do consistently.  My spouse and I are going to start Body Revolution on Monday, and I am excited to get things going.  We need to hammer out some of the details, but I am excited to get things going again.  I received BodyShred for Christmas, and it looks way too insane to try now, so we are going to get back to basics, progress forward, and see where that takes us.

I also have a plan to take a picture everyday this year.  I saw this go around last year, and I thought it was a cool idea so I remembered it… for a whole year.  Every week I’m going to upload these pictures to shutter fly, put together a book, and then order it at the end of the year.  My spouse does not think I am going to last, but I have faith.  I think this is a really cool concept…. and I’m excited to try it.

I want to read at least 20 books.  These can be personal or leadership related (but the CARF manual won’t count).  I think this one may be hard because I have so much of a learning curve at work that I will have to take stuff home to read and work on.  But, I also need to make time for me so we are going to try it.  Once I get into a book, I can usually finish it pretty quickly (if I like it).  Then, I can write my book reviews on my blog.

I also want to make more time to craft.  Crafting uses a completely different side of my brain and I enjoy it immensely.  I know getting my monthly craft kit will help out too.  I post my crafts of my crafting blog, so be sure to go there to hold me accountable!!

I also want to do well in my new position.  I am going to have a plan and really work on developing my leadership skills.  That is where a lot of my focus and attention is going.  I know I am going to be consumed with this in the next year, so I am going to do my best while remaining balanced.

To do all of these things, I need to start finding my motivation because I lost it somewhere along the way.  I think I’m going through a funk because of some stuff going on throughout my life.  I think the above is what is going to get me out of the funk, it is just a matter of getting started.

Happy New Year!!!  Thank you for reading my blog and following me.  I appreciate everyone and look forward to the new year!!

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