I am a community mental health counselor by day.  I work in a rural part of Illinois where I am able to help lots of people who really need our services.  I absolutely love my job and could not imagine doing anything else.

I am happily married to the love of my life.  We are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle together, and I cannot imagine a better person to help me out and motivate me on this journey.  We both have the potential to become unhealthy, and I am excited that we are bettering ourselves in order to live a long and healthy life together.  Currently, my better half is recovering from foot surgery.  This mess started back in July, and we have been battling it since.  This has limited the amount of exercise my better half can do, which makes it more important for us to get our diet under control.

In my (limited) free time, I love to craft.  I am a cricut junkie and love to paper craft.  I make my own greeting cards and home decor items.  I find it very soothing and stress relieving to be in my craft room.  I also enjoy reading and playing video games.  Both allow me to escape and be in a different world for a a while.  It gets my mind off of the stress that is in my life.

I am getting committed to my weight loss.  I am obsessed with Jillian Michaels and am currently doing her Body Revolution program.  I also listen to her podcasts in my car on my way back and forth to work.  I am cooking more often, which I find can be relaxing except when I have to do dishes.  I am learning about new healthy eating sites and have a new found love for the crock pot.

I hope that I can be the me I always knew I could be!


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