I Finally Exercised

…and it felt good.

Last week, I found out that I was selected for a promotion at work, which would normally be super exciting; however, it means that my mentor is retiring.  I have been in this weird, numb, flat emotional state as I try to process this information and wrap my head around what the next year is going to bring.  There are a lot of feelings wrapped up in this that I will probably process more on my blog as time goes on (and more people know what is going to happen).

Anyway, I have felt very lost and overwhelmed.  When I feel this way, I know that I need structure.  So, this weekend, I got my shit together.  Here are the things I know I need:

  1. An organized, prepared, meal plan so I can eat successfully throughout the week.
  2. A routine exercise plan, so I am exercising every day.
  3. Time to do my extra continuing education credits I need
  4. Time to hang out with my family
  5. Time for myself (to read/blog/be)

Keeping all of this in mind….here is what I am going to do…

  1. Wake up at 5am in order to work out at 5:30am
  2. Create a meal plan/shop on Friday or Saturday (depending on what is going on that week) and prepare my meals on Sunday for the week.
  3. Block out 8pm-9pm to do my continuing education credits.  This gives me time when I get home to eat and unwind with my family.
  4. From 9pm-10pm is ME time.  This is when I will read or blog (or whatever)
  5. Go to bed at 10pm.

I even told my spouse about the plan so I have an accountability partner.  I had the plan in place, I was all excited to go, and (of course, like always) I didn’t wake up at 5 and chose to sleep in.  Now, I know you are wondering why the name of this post is “I Finally Exercised.”  Well, because I was not going to let my poor decision stop me from achieving my goals.  So, I worked out this evening.  That’s right…day 1 of Jillian’s Body Revolution DOWN.  I have also prepared breakfast smoothies and made my lunch for tomorrow.

While I didn’t get my continuing education class started like I wanted, I feel accomplished.  I’m hoping to take this feeling into tomorrow and start fresh.

It takes 30 days to develop a habit.  Here’s to a day (finally) down.


January Goal Review

Here were my goals for the month of January.  I thought I would look back on them and see how I did.  This will give me a chance to reflect on my goals and make new ones for the month.

  • Make a grocery list every Friday. I haven’t necessarily been doing this on Friday, but I have been doing it.  I have a new grocery list for every week.
  • Prepare meals for the week every Sunday.  I’ve been doing this too!  it has been awesome.  We haven’t eaten out because I have been “too tired” to cook or “have had a bad day.”  I’ve been experimenting with different things, such as freezer crock pot meals and casseroles to put in the refrigerator.


  • Start Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution DONE!!  Two weeks in baby!  About to start on workouts three and four.
  • Use the Cto5K program three times per week (MWF) This one I haven’t done because it has been either f’in cold or snowy outside.  I don’t have a gym membership.  We were going to get one, but we are actively trying to decide what is best.  This may have to wait until late February or March.


  • Take 5 minutes after every meal to log food Been doing this too.  It’s been great.  Now if I could just see the weight loss I’m supposed to.
  • Log exercise right after my workout DONE and DONE!


  • Go to bed by 9pm on weeknights, be sleeping between 10-10:30pm So glad to say I’ve been doing this too.  When it gets late in the day (like 8 or so) I get tired, and sometimes I go to sleep before 10.
  • Find a new book to read Obviously I’ve found several.  And I have several more where those came from.
  • Write in my Shaun T journal Check!!  I LOVE my Shaun T journal.  It’s amazing, and I have been writing off every night.


  • Stretch every Sunday  Yeah, not so much.  I do need to do this though.
  • Find a good meditation book I don’t think I’m going to do this one.  I looked at meditation books, and I didn’t find anything I liked.  My Shaun T journal also gives me a weekly quote to think about, which seems to be meditation enough for me at the moment.
  • Blog three times per week  Nope 😦  This is something I need to do as well.  I really enjoy blogging, and I need to be better about writing and scheduling posts.

February’s goals to come!!

How are you doing on your goals so far?


Body Revolution Week 1

So I’m back to working out with Jillian.  To be honest, I have really missed her.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Shaun T, but Jillian is my girl.  Here’s a run down of Body Revolution if you’re not familiar with Jillian’s program.

There are 3 phases.  Each phase has five workouts: 2 front of the body workouts, 2 back of the body workouts, and a cardio workout.  Every week you do a front of the body workout, a back of the body workout, cardio and repeat.  Then you have a day of rest.  You do the same workouts for 2 weeks then progress to the next level.

Here’s an example of phase 1:

Week 1: Workout 1 (front), workout 2 (back), cardio, Workout 1 (front), workout 2 (back), cardio

Week 2: Workout 1 (front), workout 2 (back), cardio, Workout 1 (front), workout 2 (back), cardio

Week 3: Workout 3 (front), workout 4 (back), cardio, Workout 3 (front), workout 4 (back), cardio

Week 4: Workout 3 (front), workout 4 (back), cardio, Workout 3 (front), workout 4 (back), cardio

Each two weeks, the workouts get harder.  This allows you to gradually increase intensity.  It also prevents your body from becoming used to the workout.  I find that workouts 1 and 2 are easier for me now than the first time I did (most of) this program. Not to say it’s easy, but I can keep up.  I’m thinking this next week I’m going to add weights.

For my Saturday cardio, I went to my first Zumba class instead of doing the Jillian DVD.  It was SO MUCH FUN!!  I do love to dance, so this was right up my ally.  A friend of ours is an instructor and does the class for free.  She does such a good job and is so laid back.  It makes the class enjoyable.  I’m definitely going back.

All in all, I’m very happy with my workout routine.  We will see how I feel next week!!  What’s ypur favorite workout routine?


January Week 1 Goals

I have my yearly goals.  Now, I am going to manage my monthly goals that will keep me on track.  I will review them weekly to determine whether I am on track or not.


  • Make a grocery list every Friday.
  • Prepare meals for the week every Sunday.  I recently received Rachel Ray’s Week in a Day cookbook.  I will be pulling a lot of my recipes from there to get a good start.


  • Start Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution
  • Use the Cto5K program three times per week (MWF)


  • Take 5 minutes after every meal to log food
  • Log exercise right after my workout


  • Go to bed by 9pm on weeknights, be sleeping between 10-10:30pm
  • Find a new book to read
  • Write in my Shaun T journal


  • Stretch every Sunday
  • Find a good meditation book
  • Blog three times per week

New Year’s Resolution

I was thinking about my new year’s fitness resolutions for 2014.  At the end of the year, I fell off the wagon.  Now, I want to get back on.  For Christmas, I got a fitbit, which I will feel much more comfortable wearing as opposed to the wristband.  I also got running pants to wear in the cold and new running shoes.  I read this article from My Fitness Pal blog and was even more inspired to do fitness resolutions, so here they are, categorized.


  • Take 1-2 minutes after every meal to log what I eat.  This becomes complicated when I cook because, obviously, there isn’t something already in the database.  Therefore, when I plan my meals I will log the recipes every Sunday so I can log my meals for the week.
  • Spend every Friday afternoon planning meals and writing a grocery list for the following week.
  • Spend every Sunday cooking for the week to save time and not “get tired” and fall back on fast food.
  • Make every Monday meatless Monday
  • Limit fast food to a minimum of once per week.
  • Go out to dinner at a restaurant once per week.


  • Workout with a friend twice per week
  • Plan my workouts in advance (weekly)
  • Run at least three times per week
  • Workout at least 5 times per week for 30 minutes


  • Log food and exercise five times per week
  • Take 5 minutes after every meal to log food
  • Log exercise right after my workout


  • Go to bed by 9pm on weeknights, be sleeping between 10-10:30pm
  • Read for at least 30 minutes per night
  • Write in my journal every night


  • Stretch every Sunday
  • Learn Italian
  • Walk the dog twice per week
  • Do a 5-10 minute meditation every morning
  • Blog three times per week

Those are my goals for the year, and this is how I am going to work on me.  If I do those, then I should be getting closer to where I want to be weight wise.  It’s learning to start making healthy choices and getting into healthy habits.  If I can get a routine where I am cooking more, relying on eating out less, tracking what is going in and out of my body, and exercising regularly….then I can get to where I want to be.

Here’s to a happy and health 2014!!!


Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

It’s been awhile….

I have to say, I was doing really awesome on my fitness journey, until my better half received a new job, which required a move.  My better half works for a univeristy, and the previous position was in residence life, which required us to live in a residence hall (also known as a dorm).  Don’t get me wrong, we had a nice two bedroom apartment, but it was loud and my better half worked all of the time, and we were just ready for a change.  The same univeristy had an opening in a different department, and the short story is we had to find somewhere else to live.  What did we do?  We bought a house!!  We started looking in April and actually moved in a couple of weeks ago.  I LOVE our new house.  It’s just so…us.  My fitness regimin has been pushed aside for moving plans and unpacking.

A few says after we moved in, my better half surprised me with a puppy!!  She is a mix between a Bichon Friese and a Shitzu, and her name is Sadie.  She is the new love of our lives, and we have spent the last two weeks spoiling her.  Right now she is curled on my desk asleep.  Currently we are working on potty training, which has proven quite the challenge.

On top of all of this, I currently have pnemonia.  Luckily, it is going away and I am able to do everyday life things again, like go to work and clean the house.  I go back to the doctor on Wednesday in order to ensure all of the fluid is cleared up and I am good to go.  I am feeling pretty good, but I have a horrific cough.  This has also put a damper on my workout regimin.  It has also, inadvertantly, crashed my healthy eating plan.  When we found out we were moving, my better half went into a “we have to save every penny” kick.  Therefore, we ate in the dining hall most of the time.  Not only did this take away from my love of cooking, it was not quite as healthy either (think LOTS of fried food and starches).  When we moved in, things got better (for a week).  Then I got sick, and when I get sick I crave fast food.  Seriously, I could survive off of chicken nuggets and coke when I am sick.    Slowly I am starting to cook more, which should significantly help!!

Another piece of good news is I have a good friend who loves Shaun T and recently ordered his new workout, Focus T25.  My friend is currently training to become a weight lifter (and be in competitions and everything), so she will not do it everyday, but she has offered it to me to borrow so I can follow the program.  I am pretty excited to see if it lives up to the hype and compare it with Jillian’s Body Revolution.  I do feel like I’m cheating on my girl Jillian a little, but I have to mix it up, right?  No worries, because I do still LOVE Jillian!!

I am excited to get back to my blog.  I have missed it quite a bit, and I have been thinking about this post for a while.  It looks like life is looking less like a roller coaster, and I should be getting back into a routine (I think I have forgotten what a routine is though).  I look forward to blogging about my fitness adventures as well as other fun happenings in my life, as I feel I really can’t change or blog about just one thing because they all influence each other.

Now, I am off to shower and make dinner.  We are grilling tonight…hamburgers, zuchinni and squash, and corn!!  It’s gonna be yummy!!  Until next time!