Getting My Groove Back

I have had an awful time of it lately.  I can’t seem to get motivated, and I’m not really sure why.  I think part of it is time.  I am so tired when I get home that I don’t feel like working out, stay up later than I should, and don’t want to get up in time to work out in the morning.  Something needs to change.  I really need to do something.  I hate looking at my body.  I really want to be in the pants I used to wear instead of back in my “fat pants”.

My first piece of motivation came this weekend when I received my Skinnytaste cookbook.  I have followed her blog for a long time, and I have never had a bad meal!  I was really excited for her cookbook, and this one did not disappoint.  I have made three weeks worth of meal plans with recipes with the cookbook, and I can make many more.  All of the recipes sound amazing!!  Also, I have already prepped the meals for the week.  (YAY ME!!).

In an effort to get my life back on track, here’s what I am going to do.

  1. Get my ass out of bed every morning to work out.
  2. Stick to my meal plan
  3. Track all of my food in Myfitnesspal
  4. Blog about it

I already created a menu for the week!!  I’ve also prepped everything to be sure to stay on track.  I usually either don’t plan anything or don’t prep ahead of time and am too tired to cook from beginning to end when I get home from work.

  • Sunday: Oven Roasted Fried Chicken with Sweet Potato Fries
  • Monday: Black Bean Burgers with (leftover) sweet potato fries
  • Tuesday: Out (OMG, we are so busy this day, there’s no time)
  • Wednesday: Chicken Pot Pie Soup
  • Thursday: Leftovers
  • Friday: Turkey Panini with Avocado, Roasted Red Peppers, and Spinach
  • Saturday: Out with Mom

Since I have so many amazing recipes, I am going to continue with my “Foodie Friday” and put all of my food on that post.  However, that’s the only thing I am going to have “set,” because I think just blogging every day/night about whatever I want will be more productive.  There are product reviews, fitness things, and random thoughts to post.  I’ll also post the random recipe (like smoothies and stuff), but I just want to be free without it seeming like a chore.  But, I think I just need to get into a routine. I also (eventually) want to start reading again. It’s really about a routine as I don’t do well when I am “on my own.”. I think I’m off to a good start, now I just need to stay on my track and not derail.

Here’s the a new start!


Butternut Squash and Spinach Lasagna Rolls

Butternut Squash and Spinach Lasagna RollsThis recipe came from one of my favorite bloggers, Skinnytaste.  She blogs amazingly good, healthy food.  This one is no exception.  I’m not usually a lasagna/pasta girl (even though I’m Italian).  However, these lasagna rolls are amazing!  It probably helps that there is no red sauce anywhere in this dish.

The preparation for the dish is a little tedious; however, it is well worth it.  You have to make the butternut squash sauce (pot then blender), boil the noodles (pot two), filling (bowl one).  Then you put it all in a pan (this makes dish number five) and put it in the oven.  Luckily I have an amazing better half that does all my dishes (with minimal complaining because she really likes this recipe too).

I do this a little different than the recipe in that I used a whole wheat lasagna noodle and wilted fresh spinach instead of using frozen spinach.  I prefer whole wheat noodles and like the extra nutrition I get out of my noodle.  Also, I prefer not to use frozen vegetables if I can help it.  This is only because I usually end up with a runny product because of the extra water.

Ultimately, this is one of my favorite fall dishes.  I will usually prep this meal on Sunday and heat it up so we can eat it during the week.  It’s a fantastic make-ahead meal.  Full of fantastic flavor, this recipe is hard to beat.  And perfect for the beginning of fall!!


Foodie Friday: Sweet Potatoes and Buffalo Turkey Burgers

Okay, so the goal is to post pictures and such of my meals each week.  I have gotten really good at planning out my meals weekly, cooking (most) everything on Sunday, and finishing things off the night of.  The last week or two, I have had some issues with my eating – issues in that I eat too much, so I’m hoping this night hold me more accountable.  Obviously, my pictures are going to be a week late.  All of my calorie information I get from My Fitness Pal.  I plug in each recipe with the exact ingredients I use.  This way, my calories are more accurate.

Honey Lime Quinoa Sweet Potatoes


 These were AMAZING!  Even my better half, who can be kind of picky – especially about new, “weird” things, liked them.  They, surprisingly, were not very filling.  We each ate two, which equals one whole sweet potato.  Luckily, these don’t have many calories, so it is okay to enjoy two.

Cal: 150   Carbs: 31     Fat: 1     Protein: 4     Sodium: 249     Sugar: 12

Buffalo Turkey Burgers with Blue Cheese Broccoli Slaw


These were okay.  It wasn’t quite the buffalo taste I was looking for.  It was more of an oddly tasting turkey.  However, the bleu cheese dressing is really yummy.  I enjoyed the slaw on top.  I was really disappointed, because I usually love skinnytaste recipes.  This one just didn’t do it for me though.  However, I will return to the bleu cheese dressing when the occasions arises.  When I calculated my calories, I did the patty and the bleu cheese separate.  Also, my patty does not include the cheese, even though I put cheese on it.  I figured I would give myself more options this way

Cal: 197     Carbs: 7     Fat: 9     Protein: 22     Sodium: 190     Sugar: 1